Email Marketing Strategy. Create in 15 minutes:

Email MarketingIt’s easy to put off emailing when you’re busy running your business.

What if you were able to sit down in just 15 minutes and send your email?

This worksheet will help you to create your email in just minutes.


You can write your email faster if you break it into smaller parts. Focus on the subject line, preheader, image, message text, and call to action.

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Do you want to write your email immediately?

Print our Email Content Worksheet, and follow the steps below in order to create an email quickly.



1. Create a compelling subject line

Your Subject line will be one of the most important text lines in your email. Your subject line is your opportunity to grab the attention of your recipients in their inboxes and encourage them to read your message.

Asking questions, teasering your content or adding a joke are all creative ways to add creativity. Keep your subject lines short, around 4-7 words. This will prevent the message from being cut off by mobile inboxes.

Tip: 11 Surefire secrets to standout subject lines as inspiration.

2. Add your preheader text

Preheader is the text that appears below the subject line on mobile emails. Consider it an extension of the subject line. Limit yourself to 6-11 characters to grab your reader’s interest.

This is what your preheader looks like on the mobile inbox.

3. Include your logo as well as an image

Your logo placed at the top reinforces your brand, and makes your message more personal. Make sure that your image links to your company website.

Add an image to your message that is eye-catching and compelling. This will encourage people to continue reading. We found that with 1-3 images results in the most engagement.

What images should you include? Use the right images in your email design.

4. Your message will be written in the body

Start with a headline that will grab your attention, either directly before or after the image. Write a few sentences that answer the question: What do you offer? What will the reader gain from it? What is the next step?

It’s okay to use a few sentences. Emails with less than 20 lines of text have the highest average click-through rate.

Here’s a good example:

Message Body

5. Include a compelling Call-to-Action

Every email should have a clear call to action. Your call-to action should be placed at the top of every email, so readers don’t have to scroll down. Make your link stand out by using a button.

Tip Here is Creative email call-to-action ideas that really drive action.

Create email in record-time!

It’s not necessary to spend hours writing an email. The next time you find yourself with 15 minutes to spare, use these tips and the worksheet.