Five social media tips for B2B businesses that cost nothing

Social Media logosAll new business owners have the same goal: to spread awareness and attract new customers. Many B2B businesses choose to ignore social media and instead rely on outbound emails or traditional advertising. Many B2B business owners avoid social media because they believe their customers don’t use it or care about it. But they are on social media and they do. Nearly the entire world (3.6 billion people), spends a lot of time on social media platforms ( , 145 minutes per week).

Rethink social media in your B2B Marketing Strategy! Social media marketing can be a cost-effective and easy way to reach your customers, build relationships and generate revenue for your business. The best part? Many of these tips do not require any budget. Here are our five favorite social media marketing strategies for B2B businesses that don’t cost a penny to implement.

1. When you’re on social media, you should focus on P2P and not B2B.

This means finding a voice on social media that is authentic to your business but also resonates with the customers. This is a great place to begin if you have not yet done a brand exercise. Make sure every interaction with your customers, whether it is on social media, your website or sales flyers looks and sounds the same.

2. Many B2B executives find this uncomfortable. It’s fine to talk about your product or service, the value proposition of your company, and even pain points that you solve. See Tip 1. It is important for people to know the people with whom they do business, especially in B2B.

Don’t be shy to include a few references to video games in your social media if your SaaS firm is obsessed with them. You’re likely to have some gamers in your target audience (especially if they are IT leaders). Even if you do not, brands that are willing to showcase the things their customers love will be well received.

Show off your construction equipment if you’re a contractor.

Share your passion for your industry with your audience. They will love it!

3. What kind of stories do you like to read and share on social media? It’s unlikely that the answer will be brochures, service descriptions, or hours of location. This is what small business owners do when they begin social media marketing. They are trying to find a quick way to gain customers by building an audience. It’s not possible to do organic social in this way.

Tell the story of your manufacturing process if you’re a company. It may seem boring to you, but the public is fascinated by how things are made.

A quick tip about storytelling: Do not make yourself the protagonist of every story. Put your potential customer in the center of social media! This works for B2B companies as well. Say you’re a commercial insurance adviser. You This

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