Twelve Small Business Podcasts that will help you sell more

PodcastSetting goals is a big part of running a business. It takes long hours to reach them. No matter what kind of business you operate, “selling more” is likely to be a goal that’s on your list of things to do. This goal requires you to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, refine your strategies and keep abreast of industry news.

What’s the saddest part? Small business owners have limited downtime. Podcasts allow busy professionals to consume life-changing and powerful information as they commute, work out, cook dinner or do any other daily task that is well suited for audio.

These 12 podcasts will help you sell more. You could spend days, if not hours, sifting though all the podcasts available. Many of these podcasts offer useful information on how to run a business and live the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

1. Bowery Capital Startup Sales podcast

Bowery Capital’s podcast was created to help companies improve their sales. It is therefore a clear winner for this list. It’s impossible to not learn something new, and valuable to your business and sales strategies. Industry experts host and join the podcast.

The topics covered by the podcast are diverse, ranging from SaaS and recruitment to a variety of other topics. This podcast has something for everyone. Startup founders will find it particularly useful.

Listen the Bowery Capital Startup sales podcast.

2. B2B Growth

Do you sell to other companies? This daily podcast is hosted by James Carbary (host), Nikki Ivey (host), and Logan Lyles. It features interviews with experts in the fields of content marketing, technology, and Social Media.

B2B growth offers solid business advice through short episodes, which are typically no longer than 25 minutes. This is a great way for small business owners on the go to learn valuable information while they are commuting or taking a break at lunch.

Listen B2B growth.

3. Accelerate your business growth

Small business owners and salespeople alike are avid listeners, hoping to gain insights from Diane. She is a well-known business advisor, sales trainer, author, and a data-feathr-click track=”true” data-feathr link aids='[“5efb8bc85e7bae85c61251d6”]’ href=” small business success secret you can easily steal 32365 Diane Helbig, a business advisor, sales trainer and growth accelerator, is a favorite among small business owners as well as salespeople.

Diane’s interview, with Stacey Brown Randall – which focuses on how to get referrals without even asking for them – is worth your time.

Listen Accelerate your business growth.

4. The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly lives by the motto “When you find something valuable, you should share it.” And he does. Donald Kelly is passionate about B2B Sales, but his podcast does not preach.

Donald, like many other hosts in this list brings in an impressive number of guests who are high performers and share their knowledge with the audience. It’s great that his show is perfect for people at all stages of their career, whether they are students who just started in sales or business or seasoned entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills.

Listen the Sales Evangelist.

5. Liz on Biz

It’s not just about market strategies and financial decisions. Running a successful business is a way of life. Liz On Biz Liz Theresa gives a fresh take on business, taking into consideration everything from lifestyle decisions to online marketing.

Liz’s show has a lot of energy, is fun, and offers a good dose of business knowledge. This podcast is beneficial to all entrepreneurs, but female business owners are encouraged to listen and subscribe.

Liz on Biz .

6. The Marketing Book Podcast

You’re too busy to read all the business books that you want to. Douglas Burdett interviews best-selling authors in the sales and marketing book genres. Be prepared to get some great advice. But beware: your list of books you need to read will grow!

Douglas is also a comedian. This podcast is both entertaining and informative. You can end your week with a positive note by checking out the latest episodes, which are broadcast every Friday.

Listen to The Marketing Book podcast.

7. AM/PM Radio Podcast

Manny Coats’ AM/PM podcast is a great resource for anyone selling on Amazon. Manny Coats, who began selling on Amazon in 2015. He has worn many hats throughout his life, from humor website founder to mobile games developer. This podcast is both entertaining and educational because of his eclectic experience and desire for success.

Manny offers straightforward advice on Amazon FBA in AM/PM podcast. This podcast is great because Manny guides and discusses a variety of topics, and offers actionable, detailed solutions to FBA sellers in various stages of their journey. One example: A product that you cannot produce will not sell. Manny explains how he got creative funding to launch his product without paying for the production upfront.

Listen the AM/PM podcast.

8. Success Unfiltered

Do you find selling uncomfortable? Do you feel like an utter failure when a prospect says “no?” Michelle Weinstein wants you to realize that you are not alone. Michelle Weinstein wants you to know that you’re not alone if you find selling difficult.

Michelle’s podcast features stories of entrepreneurs who have both experienced success and failure in an attempt to inspire and educate. She has sold real estate, food products and raised $1 million dollars for her latest company. Listen in to this show and you might just learn how much fun selling can be.

Success Unfiltered .

9. The Arena

Doesn’t it sound good to have advice that is practical, valuable and actionable? You can expect to get that from Anthony Iannarino, the host of in the Arena. Anthony Iannarino, author of – The Only Sales Guide you’ll Ever Need and other well-received titles, shares his 25 years of expertise with his audience in order to increase sales.

Anthony is a great speaker, but listeners can also hear from industry experts and authors like Seth Godin and Jeffrey Gitomer. This mix of interviews with top industry experts and Anthony’s personal experiences has made In The Arena an extremely popular podcast among B2B professionals.

Listen in the Arena.

10. Growth Everywhere

Growing Everywhere, another podcast, recognizes the importance to maintain personal and business growth as a means of maximizing sales and creating a successful business. Eric Siu is the CEO of Single Grain Digital Marketing Agency. He uses his platform as a way to share a wealth knowledge about everything from productivity to sales.

Growth All Around is a title that is accurate. Listeners can expect everything from interviews with industry leaders — such as Tim Schmoyer Master of YouTube — and podcasts focused on industry basics.

Listen Everywhere Growth.

11. Get WealthFit

Dustin Mathews, at one time in his career sold from the stage. In these fast-paced and no-fluff interview with successful business owners, Dustin Mathews’ experience as a public speaker is evident.

Some Get RichFit! shows focus on sales. For example, Dustin’s conversation with Susan McVea about selling to women; Kevin Harrington, the original Shark Tank cast member, on how to pitch a “shark” and Geoff Chadwick, $250 million marketer. Some interviews are centered around health and wellness, which has a direct impact on income and sales.

Get RichFit!

12. Sales Babble Podcast

Pat Helmers is the host of Sales Babel Podcast. Pat Helmers believes that you don’t have to be pushy or sleazy to be successful in the sales world. He speaks from personal experience, having built an outside and inside sales team at a SaaS company which generated eight-figure revenue.

Pat interviews experts in sales from different industries. Business-to-business sales are the main focus, but owners of businesses whose customers are consumers will not be excluded. Pat has posted his best episodes of 2018. It’s not surprising that cold-calling was the top topic.

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